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Mobility Policies (Urban Governance Winter School Barcelona)

14th February 2018


Wednesday, 14th February
14.00-15.00h Lunch and Workgroups meetings
15.00-15.15h Pere Macias, President of the Cercle d’Infraestructures, Director of
the Master
Vicent Spenlehauer
, Director of the Master PAPDD, co-Director
MIEPP, École des Ponts
Víctor Gómez
, co-Director MIEPP, École des Ponts/UIMP
María José García Celma
, Academic Director at the UIMP in
Team work presentation by the “ambassador students”
15.15-16.15h Mobility Policies
“Mobility Policies in Spain”
Álvaro Fernández Heredia
“The efficient public transport model. Barcelona’s Metropolitan Region”
Humberto López
16.15-16.30h Group work on alternatives to driving
16.30-17.00h Transfer to Fundación Politécnica de Catalunya
17.15-18.30h Distrito 22@ y Districlima (Fundación Politécnica de Catalunya)
· 22@: also known as 22@ Barcelona or Innovation District, is a
renewal project for the Poble Nou neighborhood in Barcelona, centred
in the Catalan Glories Square
· Districlima: founded in 2002 to implement the first urban network of
heating and cooling of air conditioning and sanitary water in Spain.
The project is located in a refurbished touristic area in Barcelona,
including the Forum of the Cultures 2004 (Besós Seafront
promenade). The project covers the design, construction and
operation, in a 25 years concession, of the energy production station,
and the distribution network
Altenative visits: district 22@ or Districlima
Optional for the students from Barcelona and Madrid
Toulouse Business School
Barcelona (c/ Trafalgar 10, 08010 Barcelona)
The political and institutional dispute between Barcelona and Madrid
“The Institutional Forces in the Political Dispute between the Catalan and
Spanish Governments”
Sébastien Bauer, Josep Maria Vallès

Useful Information

    • Code: 1802

    • Date: 14th February 2018
    • Address: Sala Raval
      Montalegre, 5

    • Direction:

    • Coordination:

    • Sponsorship:

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    • Information for University Students:

    • Lecturers:
      Sébastien Bauer, TBS
      Alvaro Fernández Heredia, Managing Director at the EMT (Madrid’s Municipal Transport Company).
      Víctor Gómez, co-Director MIEPP, École des Ponts/UIMP.
      Humberto López, Managing Director at Tramvia Metropolità.
      Pere Macias, President of the Cercle d’Infraestructures, Director of the Master.
      Vicent Spenlehauer, Director of the Master PAPDD, co-Director MIEPP, École des Ponts.
      Josep Maria Vallès, Professor of Political Sciences at the UAB